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SwiftCarbon is a new kind of bicycle company born of a genuine love and passion for cycling. Our goal is to deliver the best bikes we can at sensible prices. We’re not interested in building a brand around a place or a person – we’ll go wherever we need to go and hire whoever we need to hire to meet our goals, tapping into the best design, engineering and manufacturing talent around the globe. SwiftCarbon is a clean-sheet company, structured around what we believe is the most effective way to produce high performance carbon fibre bicycles.

SwiftCarbon is the concept of ex-professional cyclist Mark Blewett. By his own admission, his professional career was “probably the most unglamorous in the history of the sport” – six years of hard races on European teams, carrying bottles and getting race food. He may not have entered the history books as a racer, but what he did get was a strong understanding of what works in a bike and what doesn’t.

At the heart of it all
The other string to Mark’s bow were his industrial design studies, and it’s this combination of real-world experience and design knowledge that drove the launch of SwiftCarbon. Central to the concept of SwiftCarbon is our location. We’ve chosen to base ourselves in Asia, the world centre of carbon fibre production. 96% of all carbon fibre bikes are made here. This is where the expertise is. If you want to make carbon fibre frames in any significant numbers, Asia is the very best place to do it. Many companies deal with their manufacturing partners at arm’s length, doing design work and even quality control half a planet away. Not us. We’re right there, close to our factory (and some impressively mountainous testing areas).

This gives us several key advantages. We have access to the world’s best engineers and designers as well as state of the art manufacturing processes and material technologies. We get quicker feedback from prototypes, making product development faster – we can be riding a prototype frame within hours of it coming out of the mould. And we’re right there in the factory, dealing with quality control in person.

Exceptional plaudits
Our pragmatic, results-driven approach to design and engineering has won many plaudits in the press over the last year. Triathlon Plus magazine called the Ultravox TI “the best handling bike we’ve tested”. To go from a standing start in 2010 to that kind of praise in 2013 has been quite a ride. Just like the bikes themselves.


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