Just as we’ve drawn our design, engineering and manufacturing talent from across the globe, so our sponsored athletes hail from all parts of the world. Four of our athletes compete in Ironman triathlons – with a 112-mile cycle leg, a fast, efficient yet comfortable bike with predictable handling is a must, and that’s what we aim to deliver.

As we’re developing our off-road range, we’re also looking to support more on mountain biking, where athletes demand similar qualities in a bike, along with a robust frame to withstand the rigors of this gruelling sport.

As well as bringing the SwiftCarbon name to audiences around the world, our athletes are a vital source of product feedback – information that we use when designing next generations of SwiftCarbon bikes. In an arena where seconds can make the difference between winner and also-ran, every little improvement we can make improves their chances.

Our athletes want to win, we want them to win and we do everything we can to help.